Known for our Bespoke Year round Group Puppy Life Skill Courses,
We make those first steps in dog ownership FUN, ENGAGING & SUPPORTED.
Using a fun, engaging & encouraging approach, practical solutions and included ongoing support.

Congratulations on your new puppy. Such a wonderful place in life...Now the fun begins!

Training puppies can be extremely rewarding and great fun, and at other times hard work for both you and your puppy (just like children)! The earlier you start to train your puppy the better because there will be less that they need to un-learn.

I specialise in positive reinforcement puppy training, your puppy is like a blank canvas which is the best opportunity to build a positive relationship and lay down all the fundamental training for the long-term.

K9 King runs regular, year round puppy training courses that have been specially designed to give you a great start out with your pup, teaching you not only the much needed basic life skills, but how to create that all more important Respectful, Kind and loving relationship. 

We also offer 1-2-1 training for those that need a bit more help, time or just dont fancy a class environment.

All our Puppy classes can be found and booked through our live calender.