Individual puppy training for your dog using a holistic approach, practical solutions and ongoing support

Congratulations on your new puppy. Now the fun begins.

Training puppies can be extremely rewarding and great fun, and at other times hard work for both you and your puppy (just like children)! The earlier you start to train your puppy the better because there will be less that they need to un-learn.

I specialise in positive reinforcement puppy training, your puppy is like a blank canvas which is the best opportunity to build a positive relationship and lay down all the fundamental training for the long-term.

1-2-1 puppy training takes place in and around your home and sessions usually last 1 hour.  Over a number of sessions we will cover all the foundations of puppy training including toilet training, sit, down and stay commands, recall, answering to their name, clicker training and anything else you would like to address. 

Individual puppy training under 9 months old is £35 per hour plus mileage if applicable.