Walking Dogs


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Animals have always been a my driving force in life.  Since I could walk and talk I always preferred the company of animals, especially dogs!

Animals and the natural world have since become my life passion.


I initially studied a National Diploma in Animal Management & Science and then a Foundation Degree in Animal Science where I specialised in Canine evolution and behaviour.  I have since gone on to become a canine body language specialist & instructor, an advanced canine behaviour practitioner,  as well as a Trick dog Instructor & evaluator.

Dogs have a special place in my heart and I'm hugely aware of the privilege we have by the opportunity to form such a close bond with our canine counterparts, so my work focuses on helping owners create a happy bond with their balanced, well behaved dogs. 

There is no greater gift then the friendship offered to us by dogs, we must Respect it, Nurture it and Cherish it.


I have a degree in animal management and science with a specialism in canine evolution and behaviour

I am qualified to advanced level 4 in canine behaviour on an Instructor level

I have Three french bulldogs called Flex, Flo & Fitz

My techniques are centred on positive reward and a holistic approach to each dog, 

i work on teaching the human to be more 'Dog'

I am a qualified coach and evaluator for Trick dog Training

I am fully insured, professional, reliable and have so far helped train, educate and rehabilitate hundreds of pups, dogs and families

Dog training should never be held depended on your Post code, the breed you own or the cut of your coat.

The Joy of learning alongside a dog should be something that should be reachable for anyone who cares to take the time.

Laura King 2021